How to Uninstall Trend Micro Completely from System?

However, Trend Micro antivirus is excellent in protecting your system against malware, Trojans, virus, and threats. But sometimes, it may irritate you with any error or any issue for which re-installation can be the only solution. Before, reinstalling it, you will need to remove it completely from your device. If any of the running files have been left after un-installation then it might create an issue while re-installing. To avoid any glitches, it is necessary to uninstall it with reliable steps. If you want to know more about this antivirus then contact Trend Micro Helpdesk UK to get the instant guide.

Let’s have a look at some simple steps to Uninstall Trend Micro Completely from System :

Method 1:
Get it uninstalled from the Control Panel. In that case,
• Firstly, close all the process and files linked to Trend Micro
• Click on Start and then select Control Panel
• Double-click on Add/Remove Applet, select the unwanted program
• After that click on Remove and then click on Yes to follow the On-screen instruction
• In the end, reboot the device after the completion of the un-installation process

Method 2:
You can uninstall it from the Start Menu for that,
• First of all close all process and files associated with Trend Micro
• Then, click on Start and then go to Programs to open All Program
• After that, go to Trend Micro Internet Security and then click on Uninstall option
• When the uninstallation is finished then, restart your computer

Method 3:
Uninstall it with QuuSoft Uninstaller:
This uninstaller provides its users two steps to get the unwanted programs un-installed
A. If the security software has been damaged then it is advisable to use the Force Uninstall function of QuuSoft Uninstaller. For that,
• First, close the process associated with both the unwanted program and QuuSoft Uninstaller
• Then, navigate to the file where the installation file is saved
• After that, right-click the folder of the unwanted program
• Then, select Force Uninstall from the right-click menu
• In the end, click on Next to uninstall the drivers when the pop-ups show

B. If the unwanted program is not damaged then it is advisable to use the Uninstall function of QuuSoft Uninstaller. For that,
• Run the QuuSoft Uninstaller
• Then, double-click on the Trend Micro from the program list to get it started. If it is not started then contact Trend Micro Helpline UK for instant help regarding this issue.
• Wait until the 3-step scanning of the related files, drivers and registry
• Now, click on Next to delete the drivers
• After that, click on Yes when asked whether backup the registry or not
• Click on Next to remove registry information and then left the files

Through these procedures, you can easily get the Trend Micro Un-installed. It is advisable to follow these steps very carefully and keep your device fully charged and make sure that you have strong and stable internet connection because the un-installation process requires good internet connection.