Why Trend Micro Antivirus is the best choice for you?

In this digital era, it becomes really necessary to keep your device safe and secure from viruses, malware, Trojans, and threat. There are so many sensitive files and data which you used to save on your device. Not only files and data but the details of credit/debit card or net banking ID password have been also saved in your device. In that case, the question arises, how secure your device is? For that, you will need to install a strong and effective antivirus program on your device. When it comes to strong and effective antivirus then, the only name strikes in the mind is Trend Micro Antivirus. Visit Trend Micro Antivirus Software UK to know more about this product.

In this post, we will discuss some features that provide comprehensive protection to the devices:

If you open the Trend Micro app and you will quickly see a huge round Scan option that appears in the middle of the main window. Click on it to start the standard quick scanning and to access the extended scanning options, click on a small arrow that appears rightwards from the main Scan option. It comes with three scanning options: A quick scan, A custom scan, and A full scan. The full scan of the system consumes about 1.5 hours that is quite long. However, you don’t need to start it too frequently. Usually, it is done only one time, when you install the app and then run it for the first time.

Reliability and Security:
When the question comes to reliability, Trend Micro has some rivals. Trend Micro is one of the few providers that got the highest score of 100% in the tests of the laboratory test. Apart from this, it was awarded the AAA rating by the SE Labs. The most powerful engine is capable to detect up to 100% of advanced and known developed cyber threats in including innovative forms of malware.

Well, the Phishing sites are just fake sites that imitate a trusted platform that is why they are not easy to detect without any special tools. Tricksters basically use phishing sites to get access to the sensitive data of users such as passwords, logins, credit/debit card numbers and etc. you have to just enter your data thinking that you are logging in your authentic banking account and quickly get trapped by swindlers. Trend micro provides the feature of phishing protection. It helps to detect and block phishing sites before you enter any personal or sensitive data. The effects of anti-phishing protection completely depend on the operating system that you are using. On the Windows operating system, Trend Micro helps to detect 99-100% of phishing sites and on the Mac OS, it is a bit lower. But still, the performance is outstanding.

Ransomware Protection:
Ransomware, the most creative type of malware because it has its specific nature. When it enters the system, it quickly blocks your files so that you cannot view, modify or change it. Even if you try to cure your PC that is infected with ransomware then the chances of the blocked files will be lost forever.

Trend Micro is one of the best antivirus programs in this domain because it uses multi-layered ransomware protection by working in three directions. The first layer is the Folder Shield and it prevents the folders from a certified changing. By default, the Pictures and Documents folders are safeguarded but you can add other folders if you wish.

The second layer is the timely detection of suspicious software that is going to encrypt the files. Trend Micro helps to detect possible threats before they make any actual harm. And the third layer is the backup. The essential data is copied and then saved to a special folder that is protected with the smart encryption. Even, if you lose the files while cleaning the infection, you can easily restore those files from the folder. Contact Trend Micro Help UK if you are facing any issue while recovering those files.

With the help of these features and benefits, it helps to protect your system completely from viruses, Trojans, and threats. You can get connected with the technical experts for any assistance.